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Communities Building Affordable & Sustainable Healthcare

Programs and Services

Impact of Local Healthcare Systems
It’s obvious that healthcare has a big impact on rural economies. But, exactly how big? Rural Health Works is designed to help community residents understand the impact of healthcare on their economy. Through the collection of data and information, communities are able to make informed decisions to enhance the viability of local healthcare. The importance of, and necessity for, sustainable healthcare is continually increasing.

Therefore, it is imperative to make the public aware of the current issues in healthcare. Rural Health Works has many programs to ensure rural communities have knowledge and resources in order to develop sustainable healthcare strategies. By educating communities, affordable, quality healthcare can be attained in rural areas. Kansas Rural Health Works offers a variety of information resources for rural communities.

Our Goals
Kansas Rural Health Works (KRHW) provides a program by which community residents can evaluate their healthcare system. Our goal is to educate rural community members on the importance of their local healthcare services. Through our program, we assist community leaders in making informed decisions to enhance local healthcare services, to become active decision makers in implementing a plan of action to deal with current issues, and to develop a vision for future services.

Facilitated Community Health Needs Assessment
The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act health care legislation has imposed new requirements for 501(c)(3) hospitals. At the same time, efforts are underway to implement an accrediation program for local health departments. Both of these initatives require completion of a periodic community health needs assessment (CHNA).

In light of these new requirements to perform CHNAs, we have revised and refined our Community Engagement Program to service a larger number of communities at a lower overall cost. In doing so, we have emphasized flexibility to tailor the process to meet local needs. The entire process can be completed in 2-3 meetings.

Community Engagement
A Community Health Engagement Process works with rural hospitals and the community members they serve to:

• Identify their healthcare needs
• Examine the social, economic, and political realities affecting the local delivery of healthcare
• Determine what they want and realistically can achieve in a healthcare system to meet the community’s needs
• Develop and mobilize an action plan based on their analysis and planning.

Research & Analysis
Our products are designed to enhance our programs. These products include the following:

• Health Services Directory
• Community Assessment Survey
• Market Area Data and Information Reports
• Selected Health Care Services and Business Feasibility Studies

Our program enables communities to make informed decisions about health services and economic development.

Facilitated Community Health Needs Assessment
Enhancing Rural Healthcare
Community Engagement Process