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Rural Health Works Links

National Rural Health Works
The Center for Rural Health Works has become the national focal point for analysis of the economic impact that selected health policies have on rural America. The Center will continue to provide training to our State partners and to develop the community health engagement process and health service profitability studies.

Physician Recruitment
Common to many rural communities are concerns about attracting and retaining qualified health care providers. Below are resources gleaned from the Internet.

Approaching Physician Recruitment Systematically

Keepinging Physicians in Rural Practice

Physician Recruitment/Retention

Physician Recruitment and Retention

Physician Recruitment Strategies for a Rural Hospital

Ten Evidence-Based Practices for Successful Physician Retention

Keeping Physicians in Rural Practice (2)

Physician Retention Plans Help Reduce Costs and Optimize Revenues

Recruiting for Retention

Recruitment and Retention Guide for Small Rural Hospitals

Physician Needs Indicators