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Facilitated Community Health Needs Assessment

Meeting local needs related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Local Health Department Accreditation

The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act health care legislation has imposed new requirements for 501(c)(3) hospitals. At the same time, efforts are underway to implement an accreditation program for local health departments. Both of these initiatives require completion of a periodic community health needs assessment (CHNA).

A broad coalition of public and private entities has been working to create online tools to assist hospital administrators and public health officials to conduct their own CHNA through the Kansas Health Matters Website. As useful as that resource is, we recognize that some places may not feel they have the wherewithal to complete the process without assistance.

The Kansas Rural Heath Works has offered rural counties and communities facilitation assistance for CHNA since 2004. Since that time we have worked in 15 rural counties around the state helping communities identify local health-related priorities and develop action plans to address local needs.

In light of these new requirements to perform CHNAs, we have revised and refined our Community Engagement Program to service a larger number of communities at a lower overall cost. In doing so, we have emphasized flexibility to tailor the process to meet local needs. The entire process can be completed in 2-3 meetings.

To learn more about the Kansas Rural Health Works Facilitated Community Health Needs Assessment program, please feel free to contact us at 785-532-2643 or 785-532-4492, or by e-mail: jleather@k-state.edu.

Hospital CHNA Requirements

Health Department Accreditation

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